Carpenter Recycled

Underlay Carpenter Recycled Greenstep

Greenstep Super
Underlay Carpenter Recycled Greenstep Super

Underlay Carpenter Recycled Richstep

Underlay Carpenter Recycled Deepstep

Underlay Carpenter Recycled Ultrastep

Carpenter is the world’s largest underlay manufacturer offering a comprehensive range of new generation, lightweight, polyurethane high performance carpet underlays. PU underlay recovers to 90-95% of its original state when pressure is removed from above, whereas rubber recovers to 60-65% of its original state. All Carpenter underlay products are made from recycled material and are recyclable at the end of their life

Rubber Underlay

Floortique Supreme
Underlay Carpenter Recycled Greenstep

Willow Green
Underlay Rubber Willow Green

Tredaire Supreme
Underlay Rubber Tredaire Supreme

Roma UFH
Underlay Rubber Roma UFH

Underlay Rubber Heatflow

Every new carpet deserves a new underlay! It is often the underlay beneath the carpet that adds to your comfort underfoot. It is better to buy a slightly lighter weight carpet and have it installed on a better quality underlay than have the finest quality carpet fitted on a poor quality underlay. The right choice of underlay is crucial to avoid premature wear or flattening of the carpet.

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