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Que ?:  Considerations
  • Acclimitization ?
    All natural floorcoverings will need to acclimatise to the area in which they are being fitted in. Our recommendation is at least 48 hours

  • Bathrooms ?
    We do not recommend natural fibre floor coverings, for bathroom or “wet” areas of the home as they can be susceptible to shrinkage and staining in such areas

  • Can I do this myself ?
    It is not reccomended that you attempt to fit your own carpets unless you have prior experience and are confident in your abilities as a few mistakes can end up costing more than you saved.

  • Every new carpet deserves a new underlay. It can prove to be counter prductive to try and re-use old underlay.

  • Think also of the years of build up of dust and all that goes with it as well as the deterioration of the old underlay.

  • It is the underlay below that carpet that adds to your comfort underfoot.

  • It is arguably better to buy a slightly leighter weight carpet and have it installed on a better quality underlay than have the finest quality carpet fitted on a poor quality underlay.

  • The right choice of underlay is crucial to avoid premature wear or flattening of the carpet.

Natural floor coverings can be kept looking good just by carrying out your normal regular cleaning routine as you would with any other floor covering. Using a Coir barrier mat at entrances will reduce the amount of dirt walked into an area. It is advisable to use suction only vacuum cleaners as other types can cause damage to the fibres of natural flooring products.

  • You should try to vacuum daily, especially if anyone in t he hjosuehold sufferes from any kind of repiritory diseases or if you keep cats or dogs in the house.

  • Clean spots and spills immediately. Not only will a quick clean reduce the rate of absorption but it also helps reduce the bacteria and other problems associated with a spill.

  • By nature, natural floorings are more absorbent than their traditional counterparts and benefit greatly from Intec® protection. Intec® is the effective way to protect your natural flooring from dirt and stains. With Kersaint Cobb products you have the choice of having your floor covering treated with Intec® before it leaves the warehouse.

  • This is a stain protection solution specifically developed for natural floorings. It coats every fibre with a polymer shield resulting in resistance to the absorption of stains and dirt. Intec® is environmentally friendly, completely safe and does not affect the colour or texture of any floor covering. Any spillages should be tackled as quickly as possible using a clean cloth or kitchen roll.

  • Sisal, Jute, Seagrass, and Coir products all have a latex backing which prevents dust and dirt build up underneath the floor covering which keeps dust and maintenance to a minimum.

  • Further added protection of a castor chair mat is suggested if using chairs fitted with castors. Frequent movement of castors can damage the fibres of the flooring.


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