Cotton Fabrics

Floortique has a massive range of fantastic fabrics.

Plain cotton fabrics in a range of colours and styles.

Huge range of stock updated on a daily basis. Delivered to your door in 3 working days

From £6/m

Chintz Fabrics

Traditional Chinz is one of the most popular of the Floortique range.

Bringing with it an honesty dating back to the handicrafts of women through the ages it still brings joy to those who choose to surround themselves in these beautiful patterns and colours.

We have hundreds of rolls in every concievable design

Silks and Velvets
Silk Velvet

Soft to touch yet durable in nature.

Gold, Red, black, purple. Colours fit for a king

Developed in China over 3000 years ago, a luxury that has endured over time.


We can make up curtains to order from your measurements.

Including heavy thermal insulating liners.

Ask one of our staff for advice in chossing and measuring.

Tassels and Trims
Tassels and Trims

Finishing touches complete the job.

Add excuisite finishes to your project using pre-made tassels and trims.

We offer a huge selection of decorator curtain fringes, beaded trim, bullion fringe, mop fringe, ball fringe, brushed fringe, specialty trims, gimp braid, curtain tassels, lampshade fringe, and more ...

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